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Major industry sectors

While we provide a wide range of solutions aimed at flexibly responding to societal challenges and customer needs, such as dissemination of IoT, advance in automation, and ensuring safety in manufacturing sites.

MACHINE TOOLS Industry Solutions

The shortage of skilled labor in recent years has proven to be a real challenge for the machine tools industry. In order to provide the necessary solutions, three key trends — automation, digitization, andmultifunctionality — require major changes that draw on a wide spectrum of advanced technologies such as robotics, AI, and IoT.


With trends such as the advance of e-commerce continuing to push ahead automated warehouses and AGVs, material handling technologies that boost efficiency and automation in the flow of goods must provide the added value of uninterrupted systems and visual control. As seen with the formulation of ISO3691-4 as the new AGV safety standard, balancing safety and peace of mind with efficiency could also become an even greater issue in AGVs and automated warehouses. IDEC has a strong history of supplying the industry with safety, HMI, control panel, and automation products, as well as a wide range of standard-compliant products. We will continue to offer solutions using the latest technology to contribute to AGV and automated warehouse automation and efficiency.

ROBOTICS Industry Solutions

IDEC has long served the robot industry by developing highly reliable products using the know-how that we have learned with our customers.We offer a wide range of products to achieve downsizing, safety, durability, and robustness, required for robots, robot controllers, teaching pendants, and environments surrounding robots. Together with the development and growth of the robot industry, IDEC will relentlessly keep abreast with the latest market trends and technology advancement to provide products with extra values. 

FOOD AND PACKAGING Industry Solutions

The food and packaging industry faces the challenge of constantly pursuing technological innovations to meet food hygiene and safety requirements while also aiming for lower costs, greater efficiency, and less labor, all the while tracking consumer needs. IDEC is identifying trends and developing highly-reliable products that can offer added value so as to open up new food-related business areas and meet diverse consumer needs while retaining a firm emphasis on food safety and peace of mind.

SEMICONDUCTOR Industry Solutions

With semiconductors now intrinsic in an increasing range of areas from IoT and 5G to cloud computing, autonomous driving, imaging, and sensors, the market scale for semiconductor manufacturing equipment also continues to grow, accompanied by huge advances in miniaturization and stacking. In these circumstances, our customers need us to help boost reliability for high throughput in semiconductor manufacturing equipment components, downsize for a reduced footprint, and ensure safety and peace of mind. IDEC will continue to offer the solutions that help reduce COO (cost of ownership).

AUTOMOTIVE Industry Solutions

In automotive and auto-parts manufacturing, both productivity and safety are essential. As a steadfast supplier to the automotive industry, IDEC combines both its technology achievements and customer experience insights to develop the most reliable products. For decades, IDEC has provided a variety of product solutions that meet the diverse demands of our customers. As the auto industry continues to evolve at an accelerated pace, we will embrace new challenges and offer more products that can deliver added value to our customers.

Special Vehicles

Our large product range offers unique customization possibilities to help you build ergonomic and intuitive cabin experience and increase productivity.

ELEVATORS Industry Solutions

In its role as a public transport vehicle, elevators must be updated to respond to social changes, comply with laws and standards, and adapt to the latest technologies. Leveraging our expertise and long history of supplying customers in the elevator industry with proven products, IDEC will rise to the challenge of meeting the latest trends in this industry while continuing to offer reliable products that add values for our customers.