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To create the optimum environment for humans and machines.

Aiming to improve well-being of all people

Over the years, corporate anagement has been changing from a time, where increase in sales, profits and scale was desired, to now, where social responsibility, environment, and the safety, health, and well-being are considered necessary in the realization of a sustainable society. It is no exaggeration to say that companies that realize health, happiness, and/or well-being management are nowadays recognized as being the most valued.
The first step in improving well-being is securing employee safety. Injuries and diseases in the workplace all have causes. It is essential to remove these causes to the greatest extent possible and establish a “preventive culture” that prevents disasters from even occurring.
Since its inception, the IDEC Group has been contributing to creating a safer and more pleasant environment globally, by providing products that protect the human life, and offering a variety of control devices that enable efficient and innovative work to realize safety and ANSHIN in the workplace.
By creating the optimum environment for humans and machines, we will continue our efforts aimed at improving the well-being of our employees as well as for the entire society.

Topics : Provide diverse applications for realizing safety, ANSHIN, and well-being