Corporate Message

Message from the C.E.O.

Think Automation and beyond...

Accelerating initiatives to ensure sustainable growth and to become a truly global company.

Toshi K. Funaki Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

2020 will mark IDEC's 75th year in business. We will further promote expansion of our global business, enhance coordination between our group companies, and improve our global management qualities in order to achieve our FY2020 and 2023 goals.
At the same time, we are accelerating our efforts to transform into a highly profitable company by prioritizing system efficiencies and enhancements.
In addition, in 2019, we established "The IDEC Way" to strengthen the "One IDEC" sense of values among our employees globally to help us achieve our mission.
In order to become a truly global company and continue our growth towards our 100th founding anniversary, each and every one of our employees is putting "The IDEC Way" into practice, striving to meet challenges and help reshape our organization towards sustainable growth and improved corporate value.

Toshi K. Funaki Chairman and Chief Executive Officer