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Employee Benefit System at IDEC CORPORATION

Employee Benefit System at IDEC CORPORATION

1: Wellbeing Center with sport climbing equipment

In May 2019, we are planning to complete the construction of Wellbeing Center (a multi-purpose center) at our HQ in Shin-Osaka. In addition to accommodation facilities, a dining room, and a kitchen, the center is going to house a gym with sport climbing equipment, a healthcare center, and a first-aid center.

2: IDEC Health Care Center (IHC)

In April 2018, we opened the IDEC Healthcare Center (IHC) with a full-time public health nurse and an occupational health physician (on duty once a week). The goal is to reduce the death and disease rates among our employees and to make sure they continue to lead healthy lives even after they retire. We are striving to maintain and improve both physical and mental health of our employees by providing periodic medical check-ups, offering follow-up counseling after stress checks, and giving assistance to the employees who return to work after a prolonged leave of absence. Our main challenge for this fiscal year is to introduce a health management system and implement efficient population and high-risk approaches. We are also aiming to become one of the Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations (White 500). In order to achieve that, we are strengthening our cooperation with various departments, labor unions, and health insurance unions while seeking to turn the IHC into a healthcare institution that can make a wide contribution to our society.

3: Sakura Café

Sakura Café is a company cafeteria located at our HQ/Technology Research Center. This bright and pleasant cafeteria offers healthy and affordable meals with plenty of vegetables offered at half price since the company covers the other half. The daily menu prepared by a chef with exceptional taste includes salmon pie rolls, freshly fried chicken, and sweets, including various cakes and soft serve. With all the delicious food available here, it is hard not to look forward to the lunch break every day.

4: Recreational events

We organize various recreational events in order to encourage our employees to socialize and have fun together. At cafeteria-style recreational events, each employee can apply for an event they want to participate in such as theater plays, opera performances, kabuki shows, and other public performances, events with "maiko" (apprentice geishas) in Kyoto, dinners at the Ritz-Carlton, crab tasting tours, strawberry picking outings, "yakatabune" boat cruises, and the like. We have tried many interesting things together in the past. We use the barbecue equipment in the courtyard at our HQ to throw regular company parties (welcome parties for newcomers, Christmas parties, etc.). The company also owns a motor cruiser, which is used for various recreational activities.

5: Club activities

We organize multiple club activities to maintain and deepen friendly ties with each other.

■Sailing Club
The IDEC Sailing Club consists of two different groups: the "Racing Team," which organizes dinghy races, and the "Cruising Team," which utilizes our cruiser to throw events. The Racing Team is a member of the Kansai Corporate Sailing Association. Our activities mainly entail practice sessions and competitions. The Cruising Team, on the other hand, uses the company motor cruiser to carry out drills that aim to improve the nautical skills of the members. The team is also in charge of operating and taking care of the cruiser.

■Soccer Club
We organize activities about once a month to get enough exercise and to encourage communication between employees of all ages and from various departments. We organize intrasquad matches that both experienced and inexperienced soccer players can enjoy together. Our club sometimes also participates in practice matches (soccer or futsal) with teams from other companies.

■Tennis Club
We usually meet once or twice a month on Saturdays. Our club allows employees of all ages and from various departments to socialize and enjoy a game of tennis. The tennis skill level in our group also varies greatly between its members since both complete beginners and experienced players are welcome to participate. Our sessions mostly focus on organizing mini matches and practicing various strokes, volleys, and serves. The training camps we organize every autumn are also very popular among our members. The motto of our tennis club is to enjoy some light exercise for a sound mind in a sound body.

Some of the other clubs available at our company include the hiking club, Mt. Fuji hiking group, basketball club, outdoor music club, photography club, "rakugo" (traditional Japanese comic storytelling) appreciation club, badminton club, and board game club.

6: Social events at overseas group companies

Our group companies overseas also organize various events to celebrate the local culture and customs.

Company Trip
We organize a company trip every year. More than 100 employees participate each time. We usually hire a private bus service and go to the mountains or visit a seaside resort. This is one of our most popular events since it matches the festive character of the local culture here. It is an opportunity for the employees to forget about work for a while and have fun together. It is an essential event for the company as it encourages our employees to connect and communicate with one another.

End of Year Party
Year-end parties in Thailand can be quite flamboyant, even though their role is actually similar to that of the formal office parties held in Japan at the end of the year. Our office usually combines the year-end event with a sports day that ends in a dinner party, which makes the whole experience even more enjoyable. The dinner party includes a live music performance by a professional band, which always prompts some of the employees to dance under the stage. It is a day filled with fun events to celebrate the conclusion of another busy year.

Company Sports Day
We organized a company sports day as part of our team-building efforts for about 900 employees at IDEC IZUMI SUZHOU CO., LTD. It was an important socializing opportunity for our employees who normally work separately. Active participation in various competitions strengthened their team player spirit and boosted their motivation.

In addition to sports days, we also organize birthday parties, club activities, morning greeting promotion activities, company trips, Japanese and English classes, and the like. These activities create a sense of unity at the company. The employees have also expressed their support for such activities as means to improve the office atmosphere.

6: List of employee benefit systems (IDEC CORPORATION)

Vacation Summer vacation: Up to nine consecutive days off during any period between July and September
Motivation bonus and vacation
Accumulation of personal assets Personal asset and savings accumulation system
Employee stock ownership system
Housing Company dormitories
Employee loan system
Healthcare Thorough medical examination aid
IDEC Mutual Benefit Association for Injuries and Diseases
Recreation Company motor cruiser
Golf course contract
Recreational office events
Club activities
Other Company cafeteria: Breakfast included
Blood donation