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Career Information

Training System at IDEC CORPORATION

Training System at IDEC CORPORATION

Training System

The training system at IDEC CORPORATION is divided into the following categories: Next-generation executive candidate development program for selected employees, tiered training, profession-based training, and self-development support. All our staff training programs are designed to foster the kind of mindset and behavior that is compatible with the attributes IDEC seeks in its employees. Our human resource development policies are focused on nurturing professionals who are capable of working in a global environment.

1: Next-generation executive candidate development program for selected employees

We nurture next-generation executive candidates by dividing their training into three tiers from section manager candidates to executive officer candidates. By providing various training programs and using training rotation strategies, we want the candidates to acquire basic knowledge and practical skills related to business management, foster a management-oriented mindset, and improve their English skills.

2: Tiered training

We provide group training for our employees when they enter the company, in their third year, and once again in their fifth year. In their third and fifth years, the employees are required to reflect upon their careers as well as to set new goals and prepare action plans in order to grow as professionals. We also seek to equip them with the business skills they need as mid level employees.

3: Profession-based training

① Global human resource development
In order to prepare our personnel for work in a global environment as quickly as possible, we offer overseas trainee programs and training for employees who are going to be transferred abroad. Moreover, since we are planning to make English the common corporate language at our company by FY 2020, we carry out TOEIC tests for the entire company once a year and provide our employees with various options to study and improve their English.

② Technical training
We are particularly focused on training courses that provide our staff with technical skills and knowledge related to safety and product quality, including training for safety assessors and quality management training (preparation for the QC Examination).

4: Self-development support

We provide the following study resources and opportunities to support the self-development of our employees.

① Language courses (in-house English conversation classes, online lessons, e-learning, etc.)
② Correspondence education (business skills, technical knowledge and skills, etc.)
③ Technical publications (general business knowledge, technology, etc.)
④ Online video library