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Career Information

HQ Building with Outstanding
Design and Functionality

HQ Office Design

The outstanding control technology developed by IDEC controls every inch of our HQ/Technology Research Center. Its superior capability to regulate water, light, and air circulation represents the foundation of the building's "SAVE ALL" design that lives in harmony with nature. To give a few examples, the building is equipped with a natural ventilation system that utilizes external air, automated blinds with sunlight sensors, a plant watering system that utilizes rainwater, and a solar power generation system.

The HQ design is based on the "Flexible Workstyle" concept. The spaces here allow the employees to adjust their work style when necessary and to always engage in face-to-face communication. Each floor has a different layout, creating a flexible work environment for both teams and individuals. This timeless design is adaptable to various types of work and workplaces. The offices are equipped with many whiteboards and shared monitors, which means any office can also be used as a meeting room. Each floor is an open space, and that allows us to adapt to any organizational changes quickly and flexibly.

Our HQ has won a number of design awards, including the Nikkei New Office Award, the Good Lighting Award, the Design Award for Light and Lighting, and the Osaka Machinami Award.