Career Information

Career Information


Read ten thousand books, walk ten thousand miles

Please introduce yourself
"Read ten thousand books, walk ten thousand miles," is a favorite saying of mine, as I like to discover the unknown. I have been able to visit various countries in my life. Besides traveling, I also like to read specialized books and magazines not only about human resources, but also accounting and business management. I enjoy absorbing knowledge while putting the idea of "self-improvement", one part of the ideal human resources sought after by IDEC, into practice.

Sympathetic to “Management with respect for humanity”

What led you to work at IDEC?
In my previous job, I worked for a Chinese holding company of a major Japanese company, where I focused my efforts on recruiting, training, deploying, and maintaining employees, which had me not only traveling around China, but also often jumping back and forth between China and Japan.
I decided I wanted to work in Japan, so I started to study about various companies, but I was really attracted to the saying "Management with respect for humanity" that I saw on the IDEC website. While there are many companies that focus on "manufacturing" (monozukuri) in their role as a manufacturer, I thought it was rare for a company to be placing primary emphasis on "making people" (hitozukuri) typified by the phrase "Management with respect for humanity." I felt that I could really make a significant contribution working in human resources for such a company. Additionally, as the company was just about to enter a phase of globalization, I thought I would be able to use all the experience I had gained and my language abilities, growing together with the company during its period of transformation, and so I decided to join IDEC.

Rapid PDCA for rapid growth of the company as well as individuals

Based on your work experience, what do you feel are the strengths of IDEC?
Currently, I am responsible for recruiting and training in the Human Resources Development Group. I want to maintain and develop excellent global human resources, the most important element in achieving globalization, regardless of nationality, and pursue borderless human resources management.
Decision making occurs quite rapidly at IDEC, now in this period of transformation, and the company has a great ability to accomplish its goals. IDEC workplaces are brimming with passion everyday as we are all constantly taking on new challenges. Although it is unsuccessful sometimes, the development speed of the whole company is quite fast due to a rapid PDCA cycle, and I think the attitude of taking on an unknown challenge individually creates a positive cycle of company and personal growth.
The workplace also makes it easy for foreign employees to work and communication flows smoothly. More than just following the orders of your superior, I think the environment of IDEC that enables you to freely propose and discuss new ideas with everyone in the workplace and freely express your opinions is highly praiseworthy.

Think globally. Act locally.

What is something you have been impressed by in your work?
Senior management personnel from APEM, a French company that merged into IDEC in 2017, came to Japan to visit IDEC's HQ, and there was an international meeting about the hiring, training, and evaluation of human resources in both France and Japan. Although the meeting was held completely in English, there were noticeably different levels of English among the members, and it made me realize the necessity of evolving internally promoted English training to focus on "English that can be used in actual business situations." Additionally, discussions highlighted the differences between Japanese and French culture and legal systems, making me understand the importance of respecting local cultures and norms while still maintaining a global perspective.

I want to take on the challenge of business management

Future Aspirations
As management resources can be summed up as "People, Things, and Money", I first want to accumulate experiences and results in the human resources field, my core skill area, and then take the next step of working in business management and production control. At the same time, I want to implement company internal training and studies related to overseas MBAs in order to forge management capabilities that function globally. I want to accumulate practical business experience and self-improvement results in order to become a human resource capable of business management on a global basis in the future.