Career Information

Career Information


Mental strength from playing sports and the importance of friendship

Please introduce yourself
I enjoyed a rich university life including being a member of the basketball club where I was the team captain in my fourth year, utilizing passionate competitive spirit, physical strength, and teamwork to lead the team. I was more concerned with results than anyone, and developed a sense of responsibility and emotional strength to meet the expectations of everyone who supported and cheered for us. My superiors at IDEC and even those who entered the company the same year as me always take a moment to help me out when I can't understand or am stuck on even the most trivial thing. They are truly excellent coworkers. In order to return the kindness of those around me and meet their expectations, I am trying to learn what I need to know to perform my job as soon as possible and constantly pursuing self-improvement in order to become an effective employee.

I want to challenge my own capabilities amid all this change to become a "Truly Global Company"

What led you to work at IDEC?
In addition to the company's solid business foundation consisting of a sound financial structure, highly competitive products, leadership in the control equipment industry for more than 70 years, and other outstanding characteristics, I was greatly attracted to IDEC's corporate attitude of taking proactive measures in order to become a "Truly Global Company" such as the recent acquisition of a major European company (APEM). I decided to join the company because I wanted to fully manifest my personal strengths of a willingness to take on challenges and language-learning skills, and also to grow as a person at a company that is right in the thick of these changes.

Holding negotiations with a major foreign company a few months after starting at the company

The enjoyment and challenges of working at IDEC
I now work in a marketing department where my main responsibility is to analyze the industry and competition in order to develop new business and products. More specifically, I decipher medium and long-term strategies of competing companies from their financial results, and set up "antennas" to ascertain information such as data for target markets and international trade conditions. IDEC requires an attitude of "Find work for yourself" not one of "Wait for work to be given to you", making every day interesting as well as challenging.
Additionally, I have also been involved in negotiations, such as those for jointly developed projects, where the negotiations are almost completely in English. One time that made quite an impression on me was when all the negotiations and meetings for the development of a new product with management personnel of a major foreign company were conducted in English. Even though I was a new employee, I was given the opportunity to witness the front lines of the negotiations, which made me realize how IDEC allows even young employees to take on challenges. As I hope to contribute to the expansion of IDEC's business by setting up overseas production and logistics bases, and searching for partner companies, I want to continue to take on challenges and experiences.

My dream is to make people happy

Future Aspirations
As for work, I wish to establish new overseas production and logistics bases in Europe, where I have roots, in order to maximize synergy with APEM as a means to contribute to the globalization of IDEC. Additionally, the most important thing to me is communicating with those around me, and talking together about our dreams because my motivation in life is to maximize happiness for everyone. In order to make this dream a reality, I feel that I must take a leadership role in the future in starting projects within the company. For this reason, I am focusing my self-improvement efforts on daily weight training, and reading one marketing, philosophy, autobiographical, or similar book per week.