Career Information

Career Information


I was really attracted to how you can be involved in the total process from concept to start-up

What led you to work at IDEC?
Ever since I was a small child, my dream has been "To produce products that are useful to persons." In order to realize this dream, I studied fields related to design and manufacturing at university in order to become a production equipment engineer, a field which is the "Mother" of the art of manufacturing. While looking for a job, I found out that production equipment engineers at IDEC are able to participate in the entire production process from concept to production start-up, so I decided to work here.

I need to use English daily much more than I thought

My current work tasks
Currently, I create production equipment for all IDEC products. Even though I'm an entry-level employee, I have been given individual responsibility for the entire process from design to introduction, something that gives me great pride in my work. Additionally, large-scale equipment is created together in teams, something which provides another type of enjoyment. One of our most important jobs is to go to the actual sites where the equipment is used so that the opinions of the actual users can be delivered to HQ. After carrying out these numerous on-site discussions with actual users and installing the new equipment, I am always extremely pleased when I hear something like, "Our work has really become much easier. Thank you!" and it truly fills me with a sense of accomplishment.
IDEC production bases are not limited to within Japan, but have been spreading across the world recently to countries such as China, Thailand, France, and Denmark. My current goal is to take business trips to our overseas bases and perform equipment installation. It would be necessary to stay for several months while working on start-up of the new equipment and I would also need foreign language skills. Tasks such as overseas e-mail correspondence, creating equipment manuals, and drawings must sometimes be performed in English. Since my goal is not just to read and write English but also to be able to speak it in order to participate in meetings, I have recently started studying technical English in addition to business English.

You can develop and grow freely amid the "level playing field" of the corporate culture

IDEC Corporate Culture
You could say that the uniquely "level playing field" at IDEC lets everyone feel satisfied in their work. There is absolute no need to feel hesitant or timid just because you are a new hire or a woman. An environment that enables the exchange of ideas and opinions of all employees, including department managers and leaders has been created throughout the entire company.
Additionally, as IDEC production engineers are responsible for all processes up to equipment start-up, we have many opportunities to perform different types of work that are outside of the specialized field we have studied, and this instills a real attitude of constantly wanting to take on new challenges within the department. I can really sense how everyone in the department tries to improve their skills daily, and I am also enjoying working with a sense of excitement every day.

I want to become an engineer that propels the company forward while having a fulfilling "Life" and "Work"

Future Aspirations
Although IDEC is currently in its 73rd year, my dream is to be working here when the company turns 100 years old. I will be about 50 myself then. I must become an engineer capable of propelling the company forward. There are many senior employees at IDEC whom I deeply respect for their ability to maintain the home-work life balance by using the company's program that provides support for childcare. I also want to work for as long as possible in a manner that provides a fulfilling life and work while learning from the example of these senior employees. In the future, I want to gain experience in a wide variety of fields such as technical sales and product development in order to return to production technology as a human resource with a breadth of vision. I also want to study more to improve my English skills in order to become active on a global level.