Career Information

Career Information


I want to revolutionize manufacturing at IDEC

My current work tasks
After starting at IDEC, I worked in production and process control at the Takino and Fukusaki Plants, IDEC's main plants. For the last few years, I have been doing supply and demand planning for SCM (supply chain management: Work related to optimizing the entire process from the manufacture of products until they reach the customers) Department in the head office. In 2016, I joined the Next Generation Executive Candidate Development Program where I studied a wide range of subjects related to business, and then from April 2018, I was given the important job of Plant Manager of the Takino Plant. As this year marks the 30th anniversary of the Takino Plant, I feel a great responsibility in inheriting a grand tradition built by my superiors and past employees, and also implementing measures that have not been previously possible. The company has great hopes that youthful energy will serve to revolutionize manufacturing, and I am constantly striving to fully meet those expectations.
Manufacturing combines the ideas of numerous personnel such as product designers, production engineers, production line staff, and administrative staff. Watching products you have made yourselves pass in front of your eyes and then be shipped off provides a truly special sense of accomplishment. As the manufacturing plant floor requires a wide range of expertise and rich depth of knowledge, and involves a great variety of personnel, I feel that it is very important for there to be close cooperation and mutual assistance between each and every individual no matter the setting in order to perform the work required for successful manufacturing.

A new culture created by further global expansion and advancement of diversity

Based on your work experience, what do you feel are the strengths of IDEC?
I feel that the strong-points of IDEC are the company's large share of the switch industry, the conditions enabling further global expansion due to the purchase of APEM, and the company's knowledge and consulting abilities in relation to safety, due to being a safety device manufacturer. These features provide IDEC with excellent capabilities in regards to machine safety and conforming to standards. Additionally, the environment of the company enables the solid inheritance of production technology by production engineers and production line staff such as mold and die, automation, and labor-saving technology. This storehouse of production technology and knowledge accumulated over the history of the company is greatly reassuring. A new culture has been taking root recently due to measures such as encouraging the participation of female employees, increased diversity, and CSR activities. The great numbers of earnest hardworking employees, together with an environment in which young employees can actively take on challenges, allows everyone to find something they want to do.

Production activities that make all stakeholders happy

Future Aspirations
I want to continue to perform production activities that make all stakeholders involved in IDEC happy by not only manufacturing high-quality products for our customers, but also by creating a workplace environment where employees can work with safety and peace of mind on the factory floor, carrying out proactive interactions and exchanges with local communities, and similar measures. To achieve this, I place great importance on leading a rich and fulfilling life outside of work myself, and highly value the time spent with my family. My favorite thing to do these days is going to watch my sons play baseball on my days off.