Career Information

Career Information


Desire to achieve total "Quality"

What led you to work at IDEC?
I was interested in working in manufacturing, and was reminded of the importance of quality when I was considering what sort of work would best fit me, so I decided that I wanted a job related to quality at a company that places great importance on it. I discovered IDEC when I was researching companies from this perspective of the importance of quality. As I was interested in dealing with quality issues at a company making products for which quality is essential, such as emergency stop switches and other safety switches, I decided to join IDEC.

I want to observe the factory floor from a female perspective

My current work tasks
I am giving my all daily in order to improve the quality of products manufactured at the Takino Plant. Since I am the only member of the Quality Assurance Center working at the Takino Plant, I have to think of the immediately necessary measures and implement them myself. Although this is my second year working at the plant, the environment is so completely different from HQ where I worked before that I have faced some difficulties while absorbing so many new things. Although the assembly work at the factory is currently performed almost completely by women, management of such work has previously only been applied from a male perspective, so I want to look at the actual factory floor from a female perspective. I also want to help in creating a workplace environment that enables us to manufacture high-quality products, and in which all workers can feel a sense of accomplishment and meaning in their work.

I feel each and every plant employee truly supports IDEC

Based on your work experience, what do you feel are the strengths of IDEC?
Something I have especially noticed since being transferred to the plant is how everyone working on the factory floor takes great pride in monozukuri ("the art of manufacturing"). Each worker correctly remembers things like complex product model numbers and production processes, and it seems like they feel they are the number one expert on their particular area. This has made me realize how each and every employee truly provides an important form of support for IDEC production plants.
I participated in a project to study the vision of IDEC looking 30 years into the future, which was carried out for the 70th anniversary of the company. It was interesting to have discussions with persons from other departments that I had never interacted with before, and I was really motivated by the large number of members who were close to me in age. In order to realize this vision, I strongly felt the desire to involve all my coworkers from the plant in building the future of IDEC together.

To go from being a "curiosity" to a "necessity"

Future Aspirations
There are currently very few women doing the work I do, so when I attend seminars and similar events outside the company, I am often the only woman in attendance. For that reason, people will often readily remember my face and name, but they tend to regard me as a "curiosity." I really want to see more women active in this field and create a society where women are considered as equals to men in the workplace. That is why I want to continue to gain experience and abilities in order to change from being a simple "curiosity" to being a "necessity."
As for my life outside of work, I would like to continue my hobby of gospel singing that I started after graduating university. I enjoy creating harmonies with the other members, and I work hard during practice so that the people who come see us will enjoy our best performance possible.