Career Information

Career Information


I wanted to be involved in unique manufacturing

What led you to work at IDEC?
I have really liked arts and crafts, and science since I was a child. I remember my parents buying me a tool kit as a birthday present when I was in first or second grade. Ever since then, I naturally felt that I wanted to do something related to manufacturing. I hadn't specifically decided what field of work I wanted to get into yet when I started job hunting. I had just started to look for a company where I could use my university major of mechanical engineering when I discovered IDEC. Seeing the company's three-position enabling switches made me think that it was an interesting company. I was deeply impressed by the idea of combining the three-stage operation of switches with safety, and the realization that a company contributing elements of safety to society will certainly have a bright future convinced me to join IDEC.

The awesomeness of being able to give physical form to my own ideas

My current work tasks
I work on designing and developing enabling and safety switches. I devise the structure and do various work for prototypes, testing, and mass production of products. Since there is a limit to problem-solving on my own, I look for flexible responses by getting opinions from other team members. I strongly feel that allows me to create even better products. The process to fully realize just a single product requires the cooperation of a large number of people including those from quality assurance, planning, production technology, and marketing. I still feel excitement the first time I touch a part produced using a mass-production mold.
I think it is really awesome how my design development work allows me to give physical form to my own personal ideas. On the other hand, I feel that I need a great deal of energy to forge ahead amidst the constant challenges and repeated failures I experience in order to resolve issues and defects. My number one source of energy that spurs me on in my work is my family. Thinking of the extremely dear smiling face of my still small son makes my desire to contribute to society through safety products for children of the future grows stronger every year.

Know-how accumulated over its long history together with kind gentle employees

Based on your work experience, what do you feel are the strengths of IDEC?
Control devices are essential for the factory automation industry. I feel that IDEC's extensive history in this industry provides the company with a large wealth of know-how accumulated over the years. Also, I feel that the attitude of placing great importance on the life of employees by a company is extremely important to me as someone who is currently raising a child.
Things like the large number of kind gentle employees who listen carefully to your opinions, whether about work or not, and provide explanations in a polite and thorough way until they are fully understood make for an environment that is really easy to work in.

I want to take on the challenge of creating products together with engineers all across the world

Future Aspirations
English is becoming the official internal language of the company. I am also studying English conversation using Skype with the help of a subsidy from IDEC. Although my English is currently good enough to read English standards documents and exchange e-mails with people in our overseas branches, I want to improve my language abilities to a level where I can have deeper exchanges with overseas engineers, and take on the challenge of creating never before seen products together with my coworkers around the world.
As far as my life outside of work, I have a modest dream of playing a few sets of tennis soon with my son who is learning the sport at tennis school.