Career Information

Career Information

Ideal Personnel and Corporate Culture

Ideal Personnel and Corporate Culture

1: Message from the General Manager of the Strategic Human Resources Department

Seeking for “Future Explorer”
The Corporate Mission of IDEC has always been to pursue the idea of "management with respect for humanity," which aims to "provide meaning to the lives of all of our employees by encouraging them to contribute to socioeconomic life through the development and expansion of our company based on deep respect for humanity." We have been able to maintain solid growth by following this philosophy. We believe the friendly work environment, human resource system, and well-developed employee benefit system described on this website for career-seekers represent the true nature of our "management with respect for humanity," which prioritizes the happiness of our employees.

Based on the philosophy of "management with respect for humanity," we have been working towards the goal of becoming a truly global corporation. To give a few examples, we have created proactive M&A strategies that include companies abroad, and we are the first Japanese company to have announced our intention to make English the common corporate language in the Kansai region (by 2020). These unique endeavors have not gone unnoticed outside the company as well. In order to continue growing as a company, we need to strengthen IDEC by encouraging our employees to keep each other motivated with their diverse sets of values and backgrounds.

If you want to grow together with your colleagues and stay committed to engaging in self-improvement activities, and if it is your ambition to work in a global environment, then IDEC is the ideal place for you to build your career. The human resource policies at IDEC are characterized by their tailor-made strategies, which aim to create an ideal environment for each employee based on their individual traits and career direction. We can create any number of ideal environments in which your career can flourish.
We look forward to meeting you all!

2: Ideal employees and management personnel of IDEC

IDEC is currently striving to transform in order to become a truly global corporation. After completing the merger with the French switch manufacturer, APEM in 2017, we increased our product range and expanded our sales network all across the world. The IDEC Group is currently the third largest switch manufacturer in the world in terms of sales. We are, however, aiming for the top spot.
To achieve that goal, we want each employee in the entire group to take ownership of their job and carry out assignments on own initiative with passion and a strong sense of responsibility. In order to achieve that, we believe our employees need to be willing to “take on challenges”, “work as team players”, and “continue engaging in self-improvement activities”.

  • Take on Challenges

    Take on challenges willingly without fear of failure, rethink your job with entirely new perspectives, and using critical judgment choose the best path for current and the future challenges. Seek innovative ideas, devise creative solutions with tireless energy, and challenge everything from global viewpoints.

  • Team Player

    Respecting the power of communication and teamwork, carry out one’s mission and responsibility to achieve common goals.

  • Engage in Self-improvement Activities

    Make continual efforts toward self-advancement to help IDEC as a manufacturer improve society.

3: Origin of the company name "Izumi Denki"

IDEC was originally called “Izumi Denki”. Unlike most other companies which were named after areas where they were founded or the name of the era, “Izumi” was a combination of a character meaning "harmony", which symbolized "communication skills that nurture a team player spirit to maintain a harmonious balance," and a character meaning "spring," which conveyed "the importance of producing new ideas like an overflowing spring”. Although we changed our company name to “IDEC” in order to be recognized globally, the spirit of our founder who created that name is still entrenched in the mentality of IDEC.

4: Corporate culture at IDEC

IDEC cherishes the spirit of taking on any challenge without fearing failure. We encourage all of our employees to actively propose ideas and create plans, regardless of how long they have been working at the company. Our work style is also characterized by a fast decision-making process. Our employees also get along well with each other and communicate openly. The corporate culture and work atmosphere at IDEC ensure that all our employees can talk to each other as equals, regardless of their status, age, gender, nationality, or any disability they may have. We are striving to create an environment that encourages open, face-to-face communication between people in all positions and under all circumstances.

5: 71st place in the Toyo Keizai CSR Survey in the category of "Workforce and HR Utilization"

We were placed 71st (out of 1165 companies) in the 12th (2018) Toyo Keizai CSR Survey in the category of "Workforce and HR Utilization." Our company was praised for its life-work balance improvements and efforts related to human resource development.

6: Strong commitment to safety at IDEC to protect people's lives

Since its founding in 1945, our company has been developing and manufacturing products designed to ensure the safety of people who work in the manufacturing industry. Our philosophy was built on unwavering determination to ensure people's safety and protect their lives. We have made contributions to the manufacturing industry both in Japan and also worldwide by following that philosophy.

“Think Automation and beyond…”
We make the point of contact, where people interface with machines, easy, safe and secure.
We create new possibilities.