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Multi-function GT3 Series Timers


There are several available styles of GT3 Series Timers. GT3A Analog Timers, GT3D Digital Timers, GT3F True Power OFF Delay Timers, GT3S (Star-Delta) and GT3W Dual Time Range Timers offer several different options for your multi-function requirements. There are also multiple models in each GT3 style, with different pin configurations and time ranges. There are four selectable operation modes on each model of GT3A timers. GT3D timers have 6 time ranges, 16 timing functions and time delays up to 99.9 hours with precision time setting. GT3W timers also have 8 selectable operation modes, time ranges up to 300 hours, and sequential start and independent ON/OFF timing functions. Each one has a corresponding IDEC socket.

Key Features

  • GT3A: 16 timing functions in 6 different models, capable of delays up to 180 hours
  • GT3D: Time set precision with count up/down LCD display
  • GT3F: True Power Off delay timer in SPDT or DPDT, up to 10 minutes
  • GT3S: Star-Delta timers
  • GT3W: Dual knob adjustements for 8 special timing functions with time ranges up to 300 hours
  • 8 or 11 tubular pin termination, use industry standard sockets
  • Use industry standard sockets
  • UL-recognized, CSA certified TUVV approved and CE marked